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Part photo: 1989 lincoln mark vii MINT CONDITION! on ebay

Name: 1989 lincoln mark vii MINT CONDITION!
Description: Up for sale is a 1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC, sky blue body with chrome details and navy blue leather interior. The car has 32,000+ original miles, automatic everything and a V8...this car has class and power, it is all you could ask for in a luxury sport coupe! The car was purchased new in 1989 and has been babied ever since! My grandfather took this car out for special occasions only; otherwise it has been covered and stored in the garage! This car was and still is his pride and joy...it has been meticulously maintained: no dents or deep scratches on the exterior or interior. No rips or tears to the leather upholstery. No broken or non-working buttons, knobs etc. everything is in good working condition, some minor wear on the interior and exterior as it is a 1989 model. Please see the images of the car as confirmation of the condition or for more details please see the full posting on ebay. My family will be sorry to see the car go but it's time to give someone else an opportunity to enjoy all this sophisticated powerhouse has to offer.

* 1989 LSC (Luxury Sport Coupe)
The LSC is a performance oriented model, that was designed to compete against European luxury coupes like the BMW 630/635CSi and the Mercedes-Benz 500/560SEC. It has a stiffer suspension, dual exhaust, sport leather seats, a 225 hp (168 kW) 302 engine from the Mustang GT and sport styled 16 inch rims. This LSC also has analog gauges with a speedometer, tachometer, fuel level gauge, coolant temperature gauge, and separate trip and regular odometers. Power deck-lid release (through an interior mounted button) and electric pull-down, in which the trunk lid is partially lowered by hand, and then automatically pulled down about an inch by a motor mounted inside the trunk latch. Automatic dimming high-beam module. This works via a sensor located adjacent to the rear-view mirror, and sensitivity can be adjusted by a dial located on the dashboard.

5.0L V8: 225 hp (168 kW) 300 lbf.ft (407 Nm) SEFI (1988 - 1992 ALL) w/ AOD 4 Speed Automatic
Contact: fearless4ever
Type: Part For Sale
Price: $8500.00
Posted: Jul 6, 2008
Tags: lincoln, mark, vii, lsc, 1989, 32k, original, miles
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