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Part photo: 355 SB Chevy motor with 461 HP

Name: 355 SB Chevy motor with 461 HP
Description: I have a SB Chevy 350 motor that puts out 461 HP @ 5500 RPM and 485 TQ @ 5000 RPM for sale. I have all info on motor including dyno information and head flow numbers.

This motor would make one killer street motor or entry level bracket racing motor. Would hold up to circle track racing as well.

350 4-bolt main block bored .030 with deck plates and line honed. Checked for cracks etc...
Forged Steel GM crankshaft turned .010/.010
Hypertuectic dome pistons netting 10.7 to 1 compression with current heads
Sealed Power Chrome Moly Rings
All bearings are Clevite
The rods are stock BUT HAVE BEEN POLISHED BEAMS & ARP Wave-Loc rod bolts
This engine has been Balanced & Blueprinted !!!!!!
All internal and most external bolts and studs are ARP
Oil Galley screens have been installed
Camshaft is a TRUE Duntov 30/30 Super Stock hydraulic flat tappet cam with .447/.447 lift and 282 duration @ .050
Lifters are Isky
Pushrods are .080 thick Competition Products brand
Rockers are Harland Sharpe 1.5
Springs are Competition Products rated for cam
Heads are 400 SB cast production heads fitted with 2.02/1.60 stainless steel valves with 3 angle valve job.
Heads have been professionally ported and flowed to 242 at 600lift on the intake side. All assembled at head service shop. I have all flow numbers for heads and matching intake that has been ported and flowed to match.
Intake is a Power Plus dual plenium polished intake ported to match heads and Fel-Pro 1206 gaskets.
Timing is a Pete Jackson Noisy gear drive
I have a thick aluminum timing cover on this motor. And polished ball milled valve covers on it as well. The balancer is a SFI approved racing balancer. The flexplate is nuetrally balanced and SFI Approved as well. No updates to SFI parts have been done.
This motor has only a handfull of 1/4 mile passes and a few nights of street driving on it. Not to mention the half day of dyno time.
This motor has put out 461 HP @ 5500 RPM and 485 TQ @ 5000 RPM. It is an exceptionally good motor I really hate to part with. But, I lost my car to a body shop so the car is more important to me than the motor. I WILL STAND BEHIND THIS MOTOR !!!! All Head work was done by FCR Performance in Omaha, NE including all port work. The machine work was done by Spanel Engines in Lincoln, NE. The assembly was done by Monzter Racing in Lincoln, NE.
I ran 10.20 second 1/4 mile passes with this motor at @ 130 MPH in a Monza Coupe that weighed 2740 lbs, with a full tub job cage, huge slicks, Turbo 350 trans, 4000 stall convertor, and 4.10 gears. With the right ignition, carb, and tuning YOU TOO CAN RUN these numbers in your sleeper, bracket car, etc... I GUARANTEE THIS MOTOR ROCKS !!!
PLEASE CALL ME 402-217-4879
I have not been on much due to computer issues so YOU HAVE TO CALL ME PLEASE. I DO NOT GET TO THE COMPUTER MUCH ANYMORE. or e-mail me at and it may take a week to get back to you but please be patient.
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Posted: Nov 14, 2010
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