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Part photo: 390 FE engine

Name: 390 FE engine
Description: I have a Ford 390 cubic inch FE engine for sale.
It's all in boxes at the moment.

It was supposed to be a swap for another engine in my Mercury that went bad, but it turned out to have a puddle of anti-freeze and water in the #8 cylinder. Two other cylinders had low compression. The engine ran pretty good dispite all that, but there was no way I was going to leave it in my car so I just ended up rebuilding the original engine and took this one home.
(In boxes)

There might be a few bolts missing, but everything else is here including a gasket set (minus the oil pan gasket). No carb with this, but the intake and exhaust manifolds, water pump and oil pan are here, along with the heads, (Heads look to be in good shape)

The crankshaft is fine. I saw no scratches at all the last time I looked at it. (just before I packed it in cardboard and put it in my garage.
The pistons are in very good shape along with the rods and piston pins.

This engine must have blown the head gasket at some time and was sitting in a barn for a while. You could probably get away with just honing the cylinders and putting in new bearings and rings. It still has LOTS of room for an overbore if you want to go all the way and replace the pistons.

The guy who owned this engine was a BS artist/redneck/shadetree-grease-monkey who dosen't know the difference between an engine and a boat anchor.

I was going to put this in my old rusty truck, but I decided to sell the truck and get rid of this spare.

You'll have to come get it because shipping would probably cost more than it's worth.

I'm asking $100 OBO.

come see it anytime. I don't work so I'm home almost all the time.
Contact: Vegaman
Type: Part For Sale
Price: $100.00
Posted: Sep 8, 2007
Tags: ford, fe, engine, 390