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Part photo: 70 71 Ford Torino Shaker Scoop

Name: 70 71 Ford Torino Shaker Scoop
Description: You are looking at a complete original Ford Shaker hood scoop including the factory base that came off my 1970 Torino. This is a factory unit and all the pieces are there except the little plug on the top of the scoop. The whole thing, with the exception of the aluminum scoop, has been bead blasted and repainted. The aluminum scoop was steel wooled and is ready for paint but I never got around to doing it. This was done about 10 years ago and the unit has been sitting in my storage unit ever since. The unit has one missing stud on the base and the base has some very small rust holes in the bottom that are no bigger then the OEM drain holes. The rubber gasket has the drain tube intact and is still in good shape. The vacuum actuators worked when I took it off the car many years ago but I can not guarantee that they still do after sitting all this time. I don't have a way to test them. The numbers on the inside of the scoop are D10F-9B634 and the FoMoCo logo inside a oval. The numbers on the rubber gasket are D00F-9B624-A and the FoMoCo logo inside a oval. The numbers on the base are 70143 with a 4 in front that has a square around it. If you would like to see more detailed pictures to go to my web site. Copy and paste this address into your browser address bar. http://www.ra...r/shaker.html . There are 32 pictures and they are very high resolution so give the page time to load. Hit your back button to return to this page. Also included in this auction as a bonus are 6 air filters that will fit this unit. They are old and have been on a shelf for who knows how many years. The boxes are dirty and discolored but the filters are still in good shape and useable. You'll see on the Sears filters they cost $2.38 back then. Now they are about $7.00. Talk about inflation over the years. Pictures of the filters can be seen at the web address above. I am looking to get $1500.00 or best offer.
Contact: randysrack
Type: Part For Sale
Price: $1500.00
Posted: Sep 28, 2007
Tags: ford, shaker, scoop, torino, cobra, jet, hood