Part photo: Roots 1.5L Kenne Bell Supercharger, polished aluminum- complete

Name: Roots 1.5L Kenne Bell Supercharger, polished aluminum- complete
Description: I have a complete set up. By complete I mean the following:

- Kenne Bell Polished Aluminum 1.5L supercharger - very choice looking part with no whine
- 5 PSI pulley
- 6 PSI pulley
- 9PSI pulley
- 5 proprietary Kenne Bell spacer fittings (on the right in the picture) to fit any serpentine set-up
- The snout mounting hardware piece (large black L-shape)
- Hoses, fittings, manifold mount bolts (all along the bottom)
- Extended Kenne Belle allen key with yellow handle
- Proprietary tool for changing pulleys (top left)
- 2 years worth of proprietary Kenne Bell oil for oil changes
- Dyno burnt Chip for EEC IV and EECV 5.0 computer ( currently tuned for 42lb injectors calibrated to a Pro M 80MM Mass Air Meter on my other "for sale post"
- Polished Aluminum 85mm Accufab throttle body with TPS
- Kenne Bell Installation Manual for this unit

Its complete. When you buy this, you won't fall into the trap of having to chase money after money after money to make this work. Ask anyone who has done this about how much money you can spend chasing more and more cash into a supercharger installation that is missing parts.

It came off a totally stock 91LX 5.0 and will bolt right on to a 5.0. It gives you 150% engine of your engine at 9PSI on a conservative tune. If you are new to superchargers, google roots vs. centrifugal to learn about this unit. Its most compelling feature is that is offers full boost at 2200 rpm, meaning it gives your car a big block feel. The torque curve is fat and flat without the turbo lag.

Call me (Glen Bowker in Burlington) if you are interested 9-9 est: 905-220-8745 Thanks for looking.

Asking $2500.
Contact: GB_Racing
Type: Part For Sale
Posted: Oct 8, 2010
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