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Photos in the “100 Years of Naval Aviation Air Show/Car Show” Album

Description: In Feb 1911 NAS North Island was the birth place of Naval Aviation, with the first carrier take off/landing.. On 12 Feb 2011 NAS North Island celebrated the 100 year anniversary with a huge air/car show. They displayed all types of military aircraft including the first aircraft to launch/land on a carrier in 1911. The Blue Angels performed and there was a 200 vintage plane flyover. The final was a mile wide flyover by an entire squadron. There were also 107 classic cars included in the event. Pictures of aircraft and cars are in this album. Skies were clear and temps in the mid 70s. Broke an alternator electric connector on the way home from the show- had to stare at that red light. Quick fix-life is good.
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Navy Seals
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Blue Angels
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First Naval airplane
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