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Slideshow for the “1936 Francis Barnett Cruiser” album.

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Description: I really liked this bike. One of the most interesting I've ever owned. It had a fantastic exhaust due to the very long and unusual exhaust system. Sounded like a putt putt in a drain pipe. The bike itself had a very long wheel base. Unfortunately while I had it all in parts waiting me to get around to reassemble it I got interested in girls like 18 year olds do. My mother's complaints about all the bits littering about the place finally persuaded me to dig a big hole and bury it. Guess it's still there. Please note old bikes were worthless in 1958. I only paid £5 ( $10) for it at a cattle market.
By: pwlladeryn
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Updated: Wed Jan 6, 2010 3:35 pm
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