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Photos in the “1957 Continental MK II” Album

Description: I purchased this amazing automobile in the summer of 1984. I was at a muffler shop in Toledo Ohio with my 1949 Cadillac Series 60 Fleetwood. This gentleman approached me and asked if I was “into old cars”. I replied yes, I’m driving a 1949 Cadillac. He asked me if I would be interested in a 1956 Lincoln Continental MK II. Knowing my cars very well I asked if it was really a MK II. He said yes and that he was the attorney for the estate and was in a position to sell the car as soon as possible. The 3 children of the deceased wanted their money. The Mk II was originally purchased new by an aunt of the deceased in PA.
I was told by the attorney that a Big Shot car buyer was flying in from Boston on Friday on the 5:00 pm flight to buy the car. So I went into action. I made them a cash offer that had to be accepted or rejected by 5:00 on that same Friday. I them scrambled to get financing in order to back up the cash offer by that Friday. By having a extremely good credit rating and a understanding banker I was able to put together a loan package that was acceptable to both parties so that I could buy the car. The children accepted the offer and I was now the third owner of this 50 year old Classic.
I washed the Continental and took it to a car show the following weekend in Dearborn Michigan. I entered it as a 1956 as the title showed. Upon entering the judge said that my car was a 1957 not a 1956 as the title stated. I said I have a title showing that it is a 1956. He then said, “Listen young man, I have a 1957 MK II exactly like yours” and he then showed me the difference between a 1956 and a 1957 Continental. I was convinced that the dealer made a mistake and with the help of the L.C.O.C. I was able to get the title changed to the correct year of 1957.
Upon return from the show I told my wife that not only had I made $3,000 because of the year change but I also brought home a 3rd place win as well.
Later that summer at a car show in Toledo a gentleman came up and said that he had rebuilt the engine for my car. I said that’s not possible because the car came from Pennsylvania. He stated names of the previous owner and convinced me that he had really rebuilt the 368 engine.
The Continental was in really nice condition when I purchased it. I was told that on a Saturday the gentleman that owned it would sit with a toothbrush and polish the squares in the left half of the grille. On Sunday he would do the other half. The picture of the car sitting in front of a garage with a lady towards the right is the day I purchased it.
Over the years I have replaced brakes, fuel lines, exhaust and normal ware & tear items. I am currently re-doing the brakes again. Price $59,545. (Update 2010 Sold for $59,000.)
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