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Photos in the “1967 valiant signet (BLUE BALLS)” Album

Description: she was in pretty bad shape when i found her. she was built, i figure back in maybe early to mid 80`s somewhere in ohio. she was kind of left for dead under a cover that didn`t do much to protect her on a street in si,new york. families of mice took residence in her and wow,what a horrible smell inside along with hundreds of acorns stashed everywhere. well, i brought her home and cleaned her up, best i could, going to glass hood, trunk and bumpers. thing that sold me was the 440 in it and it sounded nasty as hell (a good nasty). ok, did a leak down test and it was weak in 5 cylinders. but you know, it still pumped out a mid 12 in the 1320. not bad, so we figured, my friends at southside speed&machine and i, lets build a motor that can crank at the track and drive on the street using pump juice and panther piss once in a while. i think we did good. lots a goodies and $$ in the 451 and if it acts at the track like does on the street, we`ll be crappin in high cotton. oooooh, let me mention, i topped off the engine with a beautiful set of engraved valve covers from my friend flashback. check out his goods on (glory days racing) on this site. he`s a good guy to deal with too!
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