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Photos in the “1969 Mercury Cougar” Album

Description: I think this is the only Ford I ever owned. Not that I hate Fords, (well, okay back then I did) I just always owned G.M. or Mopar products. This was a nice car, 351 Windsor with an FMX auto trans, leather interior, Am/Fm radio, A/C, power sterring. The lights would creep open after the car was shut off, but as soon you would start they would close right up and worked very well, it also had the sequential rear turn signal that work as they should.
I bought the car from a guy who's mom (original owner) gave it to him. He ran it until it jumped time, then it wouldn't start. I bought and trailored it home, put a timing chain & gears on it (after re-orienting the cam gear) and it started on the first try. But man did the lifters clatter until it evened out. After that though it ran real nice.
It was a nice comfortable good running car with one exception, the drivers side window came unglued from the shoes that hold it in place. This is supposed to be common problem with these cars I was told, but, all I can say is that is what I was told.
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