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Description: MY CAR STORY:

This is THE car that turned me into a hot rodder, gear head, & automotive aftermarket business owner. Last of the AMC muscle cars and extremely rare is this 1974 AMC Javelin AMX. Only 4,980 were built in 1974 (2,320 with the 360 4-barrel) and this car has virtually every available option. Known as "humped fender Javelins" and available from 1971 through 1974, they are cars of distinction with unique styling and race winning performance. Some regard the AMC Javelin AMX’s as the best looking cars to roll off AMC’s Kenosha, WI assembly line.

This car was built on Halloween 1973 and then purchased new by my grandpa Frank Slavik for my uncle, Al Slavik in Sioux City, IA. Al drove the car until 1976 when the state police clocked him doing 138MPH! Since that was his sixth ticket with the car, the state of Iowa and my grandpa mutually agreed that Al would not drive the car anymore. So, it was parked in my grandpa's garage and placed under a car cover with only 36,511 original miles.

I first saw it in the summer of 1980 when I was eleven and my uncle Al was showing me his motorcycle. The next summer, I was promised the car for my 16th birthday if I was good to my mom, got good grades, stayed out of trouble & stayed in sports. I did all that & more but when I turned 16, grandpa said the car was too fast and decided to keep the car for me later on in life. I moved on but never forgot!

Fast forward to 2007: Grandpa Frank willed me the car. The car was still in my grandpa's garage next to two other cars and surrounded by boxes. In fact, it took five twenty yard roll off boxes and two weeks just to be able to get the car out of the garage. Remember, the car was driven hard through three rock salt filled winters & stored for thirty one years without being driven. Uncle Al called me three hours outside of Dallas and said he had my car on a trailer and asked if I still wanted it. Can you guess what my answer was? God bless you Uncle Al for delivering on Grandpa Franks’ promise!

Over a period of two years, it underwent a thorough mechanical restoration with many upgrades (the majority in sweltering 100° temps in a garage with no A/C)! The one component that was always missing for me was being mechanical (I loved cars, read all about them, worked in the industry, it was my hobby, loved to drag and road race but I just wasn't a mechanic). Well, I went to a car show just before getting my Javelin. I met Marty and Tracy (a really nice couple who had a beautiful 1974 Javelin AMX (blue). We talked and talked and talked (kindred spirits right off the bat). He said when I get my car, to let him know and he would help me get it drivable again. I remember the car was delivered on a Friday and the next morning, Marty showed up with an air compressor, a box of tool and coveralls. He said, "OK, you have a service shop manual and we both have tools. Whatever tools you need, you can borrow from me or buy them. If you break a bolt, we'll replace it...just be patient. I will do a side and you watch me. Then, you do the other side and I'll supervise. It's the only way I know how you can truly learn. Watch...learn...teach..." You know what, it turned out to be therapeutic and fun! I still have a long way to go in being mechanical but I've come pretty far already. A huge thanks to my best friend Marty Bricker, Matt Manska, Gary Schuerman, Joe Kolesar, John Garrison and other members of the North Texas AMC Club. Were it not for the Javelin, I never would have met any of them...SEE, everything happens for a reason!

Against all odds, the original paint, vinyl top & interior are still in amazing shape. We believe all the boxes surrounding the car, my Grandfather’s promise & divine intervention preserved the car. Since my divorce, it's become my daily driver...every day...yeah baby! It's a lot of fun and never get's old. I believe cars like this should not be garage or trailer queens but driven! Do you believe in miracles?


• Stock “appearing” upgrades are carefully matched & selected to provide quick acceleration, razor sharp steering, precise handling & ultra responsive brakes. Believe it or not, this car now feels like a modern muscle car

• Aggressive styling is distinctive and stands the test of time

• Unique color combination turns heads & commands attention

• Simple to work on & maintain, fun & therapeutic to drive

• Thanks to Jeeps using the same powertrain through 1991, many parts are still available

• Most people haven’t seen one, don’t know what it is and haven’t heard of AMC

• Strong enthusiast club support, perfectly mirrors the personality of those who own them

• Championship race winning history (1971 & 72 SCCA Trans Am Winner)

• Side pipes keep heat out of interior & sound mean (needs ceramic coating to prevent burns)


• Some parts are special order only with long lead times or “unobtanium”

• Quarter pillar blind spot is large enough to hide an 18-wheeler

• Fillups require pumps w/”flexible” sleeves or funnel w/rubber hose nozzle extension. Otherwise, it takes about 10 minutes to fill up.

• Stroked 401 & overdrive would allow for more than 450HP on pump gas & 20+MPG

• Blue threadlocker required on some nuts & bolts to prevent squeaks & rattles

• Only noticed on Sundays or at car shows, many car shows don’t know how to classify it


• AMC was sold to Chrysler in 1987 to acquire Jeep. Six months later, they dozed the AMC headquarters and moved production to Canada

• AMC originated factory deep dip rustproofing, flow-through ventilation & passenger car A/C

• AMC produced right hand drive cars in Australia

• Alcoa produced 50 all-aluminum Javelin AMX’s in 1972. The whereabouts of these cars is unkown.

• AMC won the SCCA Trans Am championship in 1971 & 1972 with the Javelin AMX.

• Hurst produced 52 SS/AMX’s in 1969 and were factory 10-second cars

• The Alabama highway patrol used Javelins for high speed pursuit from 1971-1972

• The late racing legend, Mark Donohue, designed the Javelin AMX in the wind tunnel & on the race track with AMC designers Dick Teague & Eric Kuegler. Donohue was quoted as saying, “the Javelin AMX is the kind of car I would drive on the street.”

• Anything AMC manufactured was overbuilt, extremely durable and generally used across multiple car lines to save costs.

• Factory carburetor is Motorcraft 4300 4-barrel

• Factory steering is power GM Saginaw

• Factory starter is Ford

• Factory automatic is Chrysler 727 Torque Command

• Factory distributor is GM / Delco

• Factory alternator is Motorola / GM Delco

• Factory wheel bearings are Ford

• Factory engine is AMC 360 V-8

• Factory rear end is AMC Model 20 8 7/8”


• Were produced by AMC, not Dodge, Chrysler or Plymouth

• Were available in 290, 304, 343, 360, 390 & 401 sizes

• Only 390 and 401 engines featured forged rods and forged cranks. All others used a cast crank and rods

• Were used in Jeeps through 1991

• Used dog leg cylinder heads from 1970 and up. These heads feature big valves and significantly more flow than small block Chevy heads.

• Used high flow manifolds from 1970 and up. They flow “almost” as well as headers and were patterned after Chrysler 426 Hemi manifolds

• Weigh about 200 lbs. less than a 426 Hemi or BB Chevy

• Feature externally balanced cranks that are balanced as an assembly with the flywheel or flexplate

• Have tighter tolerances than Chevy, Ford or Mopar

• Have unique oiling systems where the rear of the engine receives lubrication first, requiring 50-55 PSI of oil pressure at highway/full throttle speeds

• Have extremely high nickel content making them very durable (200,000 miles before re-ringing is common)

Visit It's a nice all AMC/Rambler web site I designed to say thanks to the guys who helped me with the Javelin (thanks North Texas AMC club)!. It's packed with hundreds of rare videos, over 100 magazine articles and over 3,000 photos.
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