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Slideshow for the “1993 CORSA Convention, Williamsburg, VA” album.

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Description: My wife, Rose (MAXXINE) recently found this collection of photos in negative form and had them converted to digital format for me, so I could share them with all of my Motortopia friends! We went to this convention while we were unofficially engaged - we knew, but nobody else did!

The Corvair convention stuff is up front, but I also added a whole bunch of pictures from the rest of our vacation, touring Colonial Williamsburg, a couple of days at Busch Gardens, a stop we had to make on the way home at the Postal Museum in D.C. (since we're both Postal Workers), and to top it all off, some classic pics that I just had to share of a "Soon-To-Be Family" trip we took with my - now OUR - kids to Bushkill Falls in the Poconos about 1 1/2 years before we were married. (You all know the adorable little girl in yellow better as Motortopia member ladidragon18, our daughter Sarah.)
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