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Photos in the “40th Anniversary of the F-body - August 9-11, 2007 - Warren, MI” Album

Description: I attended the 40th anniversary of the F-body at the GM Tech Center in Warren, MI a couple weekends ago. The show was put on by Ecker's and GM. It was awesome! This was teamed with the 50th anniversary of the 1957 Chevy, but I'm only posting the F-body pics. There were about 300 F-bodies there - all years, makes & models were represented.
The week before I left, I spent all my time working on my TA's engine so it would make the trip. My engine's compression was about 12:1 so I had to run half 100 octane in my car. Only problem with that is no where between Rochester, NY and Warren, MI sells 100 octane gas. So I installed .093 compressed thickness head gaskets to lower my compression to 10:1. Now my car runs on 93 octane gas and I can fill up everywhere.
This head gasket job was probably the biggest engine project I've undertaken without any supervision from more experienced friends. I'm still amazed that I got it done the night before we left and the car made it about 600 miles round trip!
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Here was my engine a couple days before the 600 mile round trip.
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Got to be organized when doing engine work.
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My old head gaskets were .015 thick (shown on left). The new ones...
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My '84 TA and my friend's '85 Iroc.
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