Cover photo of New Pics album
New Pics
Jun 4, 2012
Photos: 3
Trophies: 59 total
Another model posing with my Trans Am
Cover photo of Near Johnston City TN album
Near Johnston City TN
Jun 1, 2012
Photos: 5
Trophies: 84 total
Just a few photos......nothin
g major here, but I wanted to hear your opinions on these shots.
Cover photo of Pontiac 70 RAIII Engine  -  Phase 1 album
Pontiac 70 RAIII Engine - Phase 1
May 29, 2012
Photos: 83
Trophies: 35 total
This is a numbers matching RAIII engine I found on Craigs List. WT 400 block (originally in a manual shift car) with...
Cover photo of lemans resto album
lemans resto
May 29, 2012
Photos: 10
Trophies: 45 total
Some photos before and after
Cover photo of firebird formula 400 album
firebird formula 400
May 9, 2012
Photos: 5
Trophies: 21 total
New ride for sale,,,
Cover photo of Local Car show and trophies! ;-) album
Local Car show and trophies! ;-)
May 3, 2012
Photos: 7
Trophies: 63 total
Local car show and this is our very 1st trophie winning! Our son, also brought his '84 Firebird in. He has some wor...
Cover photo of ** Engine is nearing completion!! album
** Engine is nearing completion!!
May 1, 2012
Photos: 10
Trophies: 0 total
Complete Rebuild. Every bearing was shot in the motor. Less to be learned. Be careful who rebuilds your motor. Pr...
Cover photo of Charlotte Motor Speedway, Food Lion Auto Fair 2012 album
Charlotte Motor Speedway, Food Lion Auto Fair 2012
Apr 26, 2012
Photos: 13
Trophies: 133 total
SeeYa was entered in to her 1st car show. She didn't win anything, and that's ok. She sure did look purty out there...
Cover photo of G8 GT album
Apr 19, 2012
Photos: 15
Trophies: 16 total
My daily driver
Cover photo of Cat In The Mud album
Cat In The Mud
Apr 12, 2012
Photos: 19
Trophies: 34 total
Found a 64 Catalina Ventura 2dr in the mud on an old farm place and just had to take it home.
Cover photo of 1978 Trans Am album
1978 Trans Am
Apr 12, 2012
Photos: 1
Trophies: 4 total
Black 400 Automatic
Cover photo of Bandit T/A album
Bandit T/A
Apr 5, 2012
Photos: 11
Trophies: 31 total
Photos of my restored Screen accurate Smokey & the Bandit Trans Am.
Cover photo of The Spring Fling Rosenberg Texas album
The Spring Fling Rosenberg Texas
Apr 1, 2012
Photos: 142
Trophies: 224 total
Well I know have not been on here much guys I am working my new business now and taken time to get i going. I hope a...
Cover photo of The completion of SeeYa!! FINALLY! album
The completion of SeeYa!! FINALLY!
Mar 28, 2012
Photos: 7
Trophies: 117 total
Well she is done!! Not the greatest pictures, but you get the idea!
Cover photo of My Trans Am 1977 - 2012 album
My Trans Am 1977 - 2012
Mar 21, 2012
Photos: 31
Trophies: 183 total
Pictures taken 2012
Cover photo of my 73 album
my 73
Feb 19, 2012
Photos: 6
Trophies: 12 total
Cover photo of 1978 Pontiac Trans Am album
1978 Pontiac Trans Am
Feb 14, 2012
Photos: 8
Trophies: 8 total
1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans am
Cover photo of 1977 Firebird Esprit model album
1977 Firebird Esprit model
Jan 3, 2012
Photos: 37
Trophies: 384 total
I built this model on commission for another Motortopia member. She saw my "Rockford Files" '77 Firebird esprit and w...
Cover photo of She is PAINTED!!! album
She is PAINTED!!!
Dec 23, 2011
Photos: 8
Trophies: 93 total
Well guys and gals, See Ya has finallly been painted. Though I have not got the car back yet, it will probably be an...
Cover photo of 1980 Trans Am Photo Shoot album
1980 Trans Am Photo Shoot
Dec 22, 2011
Photos: 5
Trophies: 25 total
Cover photo of 1973 Pontiac Trans Am album
1973 Pontiac Trans Am
Nov 23, 2011
Photos: 13
Trophies: 21 total
Cover photo of 1997 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 album
1997 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6
Nov 23, 2011
Photos: 5
Trophies: 0 total
Cover photo of Red TA77 wheels album
Red TA77 wheels
Nov 15, 2011
Photos: 5
Trophies: 21 total
I saw for sale red TA77 wheels for a good price in 10 min drive from my home. I needed one for a spare tire but I got...
Cover photo of Racing in 2011 album
Racing in 2011
Oct 15, 2011
Photos: 56
Trophies: 56 total
Team Nevitt Bro's Racing. Some autocross some spectator drags and some road course at lime rock park.
Cover photo of Black Stallion II album
Black Stallion II
Oct 7, 2011
Photos: 8
Trophies: 17 total
The "replacement", nearly 3 years after the fact, for my original '04 Comp-G.
Cover photo of Restoration of dash! album
Restoration of dash!
Sep 24, 2011
Photos: 7
Trophies: 61 total
After several weeks, my husband finally finished restoring our dash. I was amazed on how great this came out and ...
Cover photo of 2000 WS6 and 67 Mustang Pics album
2000 WS6 and 67 Mustang Pics
Sep 16, 2011
Photos: 22
Trophies: 13 total
Cover photo of The restoration process of the 1969 GTO album
The restoration process of the 1969 GTO
Sep 14, 2011
Photos: 27
Trophies: 1 total
Cover photo of 2011 Bennington Car Show album
2011 Bennington Car Show
Sep 14, 2011
Photos: 5
Trophies: 5 total
Cover photo of 72  Firebird build pics album
72 Firebird build pics
Jul 22, 2011
Photos: 15
Trophies: 18 total