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Description: Date Night - Jan 10, 2010

I asked my bride for a date Friday. Turns out she had other things planned for Friday but could make it Sunday night. So... last night we drove Blue out to the movies. I had already had the TA cleaned up yesterday afternoon when it was at or just above freezing. It was about 25 degrees last night when I took these and the digital camera wasn't operating too well but hope you can see the photos. It was good to get at least one of the cars out!

Man, you should have seen the looks yesterday at the car wash and gas station! Except for one late model 'vette owner who felt a bit intimidated by the thump of the big cam and did a burn out leaving the car wash, Blue got alot of attention! Ever notice how differently other drivers react when they see an antique muscle car? They tailgate, drive faster, many seem to want to race away from a traffic light, tailgate, blow their horns, tailgate, did I mention tailgate? but oh... the thumbs up makes it all worth a little patience!

Anyway, it seemed most were surprised to see an antique outside during January! LOL.
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Parked outside Sherrie's office.
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"Shiver me body parts" it was cold !!
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