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Slideshow for the “iroc drive train over haul” album.

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Description: Well I couldnt figure out why the iroc was back firing through carb at 4500+rpms

We started playing with it and found out the timing was messed up as the previous owner had it degreed and what not... BLA BLA BLA had everything adjusted wrong

So my dad(gibsonperformance35) and I tore into her and pulled the motor

So we did the following upgrades to it while it was out
New gaskets
New Pete Jackson Gear drive
New Cam/Lifters
194 heads with minor port work
Comp Roller Rockers
Billet Aluminum Timing Cover
New Water Pump
New Heavy Duty Clutch/Pressure Plate
New Flywheel
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Updated: Thu Sep 2, 2010 8:24 am
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