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Photos in the “Kimberton Fire Co. Show, May 30, 2010” Album

Description: This is always one of the best local shows we get to each year, and the weather was fantastic! (Mid-80's, low humidity and not a cloud in the sky!) I know my albums tend to be too long, so I tried to concentrate on cars that I didn't remember shooting before. The first several photos were taken in the parking area - Cars that could well have been across the street in the show instead of just sitting with the "ordinary" cars. There are also some older, interesting rides that, while not show quality, were worth shooting as well. Enjoy!
By: CorvairJim
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Updated: Mon May 31, 2010 10:14 pm
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Album photo 15
Gee, how did this picture of MY car sneak in here?
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Album photo 19
Our fellow Motortopia member XA351GT and his Australian Ford Falcon...
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Album photo 20
I don't really care for Fords, but this is one good-looking car!
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