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Photos in the “Mustangs at the First Pennsylvania Mustang Club show, Quakertown, PA - 8/17/08” Album

Description: This show had a great turnout! So many cars showed up that I split my pictures into two albums - Mustangs and everything else. Beautiful cars and beautiful weather - what more could you ask? As always, I'm open to any suggestions as to captions for what is pictured - more this time since I don't know much about Mustangs. Feel free to leave any comments you think might educate me and others who check out the pictures (and any trophies you think appropriate!). These pictures are not in any particular order, so take your time, explore, enjoy, and find that Mustang you've been looking for!
By: CorvairJim
Number of photos: 70
Updated: Mon Aug 18, 2008 2:23 pm
Trophies: 438 total

Album photo 21
Say "Cheese"
Trophies: 7
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Album photo 26
Fantastic mural kept hidden under the hood.
Trophies: 7
Album photo 28
I'm not a fan of the '65-'66 fastback body, but this car was sharp...
Trophies: 5
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Album photo 29
... And from the front, too!
Trophies: 5
Album photo 36
Gotta keep those wheels free of brake dust!
Trophies: 7
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Album photo 37
Trophies: 8
Album photo 39
The more recent GT350-H
Trophies: 6