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Photos in the “My Dad's '93 Nissan Hardbody with Boyd Coddington Smoothie 6 Rims and Hankook Rubber” Album

Description: This is my dad's 1993 Nissan Hardbody Extended Cab Pick-up. He's had it for 10 years and still loves it. I had a set of Boyd Coddington wheels that I bought on eBay. The guy lied about the condition and basically ripped me off. They were in a sorry state when I got them. All scratched up, dull and filthy. I had bought them for my '63 C10 but was so disappointed with them I didn't even want to invest in a set of tires so I could run them.

They sat around for about 5 months and I decided to do my best to bring them back to life and give them to my dad. I used brillo pads to cut the scum off of them, then a file to smooth out the gouges and scrapes as best I could then I sanded them with 800 grit wet/dry paper and moved on to a large can of Mothers Scratch removing polish and 2 Mothers Powerballs to finish cutting through the oxidation. Then I polished them one more time with Mothers Billet Aluminum Polish, bought a new set of center caps from Gregg Coddington (Boyd's Son) to replace the originals. Took them to the local tire store and had a set of Hankook Ventus tires size 235/45-17 mounted & balanced and waited for the right time to sneak and put them on.

A couple of weeks later I had my opportunity but when I went to install them I got a nasty surprise, the bolt pattern was correct but the center holes in the wheels would not fit over the Nissan's hubs. So then I had to figure out what to do next. I first purchased a set of spacers and tried them but still no go so I had to ask my former boss if I could come in one day and use a milling machine. He said thatwould be fine so I loaded the wheels up and bored out the center holes from 3 inch diameter to 4 inch diameter a half inch deep. This gave me the correct size hole to fit over the Nissan hubs. So by this time Father's day was just around the corner so I told dad they were his wheels and happy father's day and I put them on his truck that day then Saturday (the day before father's day) I broke out my Makita rotary buffer and some fine cut cleaner and buffed out then waxed it with Mothers Synwax. He has never been so proud of anything (including me!) as he is of his truck. Which makes me happy and him happy too. Check out the photos!
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