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Slideshow for the “My ol' 78 Nova” album.

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My ol' 78 Nova” Album
Description: This was my first car, bought it when I was 18 for $1,000. I saved every nickel I made working at Burger King in So. California and in 6 months I grabbed it right outta the paper; "Runs great! Needs Paint" was the ad. For the next 7 years i drove the hell outta that 305 and 350 tranny and the only major issue was a cracked flywheel. I sold it right after I bought this elky coz I couldnt afford more than one toy, but the plastic stuff got annoying and so did the half metric junk. I took these pics all thoughout the time I owned it, it'll be easy to spot the beginning shots :)
By: 6T5
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Updated: Tue Oct 16, 2007 9:10 pm
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