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Photos in the “Ocean City Endless Summer Cruise 2007” Album

Description: Everyone has heard the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” as it pertains to Las Vegas, Nevada. In the car show world here on the East Coast, we have a lesser known saying “It ain’t Ocean City Cruisin’ if it ain’t raining.” Although the weather forecast for most of the State of Maryland called for sunshine; Thursday, Friday, and Saturday featured on and off fog and drizzle. We did manage to warm up to some sunshine on Saturday afternoon while Sunday was nothing short of beautiful!

I arrived in Ocean City on Friday around noon. After checking in with the car cruise registration folks, I turned south on Coastal Highway towards the inlet parking lot. As usual, there was a wide variety of cruisers rolling up and down the highway, from stock and modified Model A’s to new Mustangs and Corvettes and almost everything in between. Some were quiet, others were, well, UNCAPPED. Surprising for the Fall Cruise 07, the police presence was not as large as in years passed.

Hope you enjoy all 252 photos!
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Got Corn?
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Inlet Show on Friday afternoon
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Several Prowlers parked together.
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