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Photos in the “Partial Bandit Run 2010” Album

Description: Well.....the Bandit Run kicked off on Saturday and on Sunday I'm back It was a great little ride from Braselton to the south side of Macon in the cool morning hours, riding through the Georgia contryside, then it got hot and humid. This old boy had to head back north to the barn in search of some cooler air! Next time I will bring a bird with functional a/c! Got to meet some folks I've only talked to online, which was fun! Mike and Marcia(MMFRYAR), Loon(LOON), Cat(SWEET77), Clay(Clay the Man), Ron, Mark(MarksTA), Red, Jim and Linda from Ohio, and others from far reaching corners of the country. Here are a few pics of the "Run" that I did get to take along the way. Enjoy!
By: Carolina_29053
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Updated: Sat May 29, 2010 6:00 am
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Album photo 21
Birds ahead of me and birds behind far as you could see.
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Album photo 22
Aerial shot of Wal Mart parking lot in Macon, Ga.
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Album photo 23
Dave Hall in his black 78??
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Album photo 24
Heading out of Wal-Mart parking lot in Macon, Ga. after a much...
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Album photo 25
This pic taken by another Bandit Runner on I-75 south of Macon
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