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Slideshow for the “Ramair1 Bullet Proof Trans, new clutch & hydraulics and new headers” album.

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Description: Just shortly after the Houston Autorama (Nov 09) Ramair1 went through a bit of change as the 6sp tranny was starting to pop out of gear in 2nd after the LSX Shootout in Oct 09 so the need to rebuild the tranny was needed to handle the xtra horses headed to the wheels. I pulled the transmission out and delievered it to LMR (Late Model Racecraft) in Houston TX where Joe Honeycutt (The T56 guru & former owner operator T56 rebuils) added the extra grunt with their Stage II upgrades, new syncro's, shift forks, slider pads etc. good enough to handle well over 750hp/tq at the wheels. While the transmission was out I decided to go ahead and replace the clutch, pressure plate, flywheel and then turned to Tick Performance Inc. with their Stage III Monster clutch pkg (the SPEC stage III clutch has worked perfectly while in service i must add) and state of the art hydraulic clutch designed specifically for the T56 and their problematic issues under high rpm shifting. I went ahead and installed the remote speed bleeder also for the one man job ease. Finally the SLP Long tube headers has servied their time very well but needed to address the always hated issue with the original design, that being the ever low hanging header on the passenger side would always drag on a paint strip!!! So off with the SLP's and on goes the KOOKS SS offroad race headers and Y-pipe. All modifications was completed just prior to the Dallas Autorama Feb 2010.
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