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Slideshow for the “Ramair1 taking in a little R&R at the car Taj Mahal” album.

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Description: Ramair1 was treated to the car Taj Mahal in the Big "D" Dallas, TX in preperation for the upcoming Houston Autorama over the Thanksgiving Holidays. This will be the grand daddy of the ISCA show circuit as the Houston Show is a 5 star rating and the end of the show season as well. Just went to have the dust scraches taken out of her and return her to near perfection!!! Steve Pasztor of Tropi-care spent approximately 7 hours with out hardly a break to get her to her current state. I haven't seen her this pristine since taking delivery of her back in March of 99.
By: Ramair1
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Updated: Thu Nov 5, 2009 12:52 am
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