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Slideshow for the “Removing Rear Window by the numbers.” album.

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Description: It took 2 hours for the first window. 20 minutes for the second.

1. Remove the vertical rubber on the back of the window channel. It is clapped on into the inside of the car under the headliner sail. Pull the weather seal out of the channel to an inch past the support. The seal is lightly glued in.

2. Crank the window down about ½ way or better.

3. Remove 3 ea window stops (7/16 nuts).

4. Have someone hold the window while you remove the regulator. There are 4-bolts holding it in. Feed the regulater toward the back of the car until the roller clears the track. Remove the regulator assembly from the car.

5. While assistance continues to hold window, remove the track assembly. 2-bolts on the top and one low inside the car. Remove the assembly from the car.

6. To remove the window, slide forward until the relief in the window rest againt the door jam. Lift the window up and outside of the channel where the upper molding was removed. To not force, you will need to finagle.
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