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SEMA 2010!” Album
Description: Restore a Muscle Car worked very hard to bring 3 cars to showcase at SEMA this year - 1 new build and 2 restorations. The new build was a red/charcoal 2010 TA Concept Car called “Banshee”; the next was a black 1980 Trans Am with a custom “flaming” hood bird called “Hell’s TA” along with a black 1973 ProTouring Trans Am.

2010 “Banshee”Concept TA

Featured at SEMA as a showcase car in the Meguiar’s Car Crazy TV display right in front of Central Hall. Barry Meguiar, host of Car Crazy TV interviewed Dave about the car. We will keep you posted on when this footage will be airing. Be sure to check it out.
The Banshee spent all of the time showcased in this display taking turns up on stage as well as being rotated in and out of prime spots out in front of the Car Crazy TV display.
Being in the spot light the entire show, the Banshee drew a great deal of attention and we were there to take in all the wonderful comments on our build. Everyone really appreciated the forward thinking design and the modern take on this concept car. It was fun seeing the BUZZ this car generated.

1980 Black “Hell’s TA” ProTouring Trans Am

This car was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!
Located in front of North Hall as a feature vehicle. This ProTouring Trans Am always had a crowd around it as people admired the artistry in the custom flaming hood bird by Mike Lavallee w/Killer Paint as well as the LS9 motor under the hood. This car was definitely a show stopper and it was difficult at times for everyone to get a peek as cameras were clicking non-stop.

1973 Black Pro-touring Trans Am

This car was a feature vehicle on display in front of North Hall. The attention this car drew was amazing! It stood out as it was hit by the sun most of the day and the custom paint caught everybody’s eye. Everyone enjoyed the custom modernization of this ProTouring ‘73. It also was never without a crowd of admirers. This car was invited to participate in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge which began immediately following SEMA with a road rally up to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada.
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