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Slideshow for the “The 74 GP's that got away...” album.

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Description: I've been a fan of '74 Grand Prixs all of my life. Yes, 1974 is an odd year for the GP - most people like '73's (1st year for that body style), '76's (1st year for square headlights and T-Tops + the 50th Anniversary model) or '77's (highest production year ever for GP's). '74's & '75's tend to get lost in the middle with their big Federal Basher Bumpers - this is whay even nice ones rarely sell for more than $6,000. There are still plenty of clean low-mileage '74's out there and not much demand for them. So you'd think it would be easy to snag one - right? Well, not for me. I've shown up with ca$h to buy three of them only to miss out by a few minutes to a day, or the owner's decided not to sell after a deal was struck. The one I could have bought 4 years ago for $600 was vetoed by my wife as we were living in an apartment shortly after our wedding. I'm still looking and several of them have come on the market recently. With house projects needing completion, disposable income is at a premium, but I'm soldiering on in search of Grandma's car - it's out there somewhere waiting to come home to the best place in the world for a '74 Grand Prix...
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