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Slideshow for the “The "Pontiac Wall"” album.

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The "Pontiac Wall"” Album
Description: These are some shots of one wall in my garage that I've been working on the last couple of weeks. Just built some frames for some cool Pontiac posters I've had for a while, got an old Pontiac Badge Sign out of storage and cut the can down 1 1/2" to reduce the depth, and found an old stoplight that I cleaned up and mounted in the corner.

I plan to wire it up where it will light:
AMBER: when garage door is opening
GREEN: once door is fully open
RED: when door is closing, then cut off when closed.
(I will also have an override switch on each door to bypass the light if I don't want to look at that, or if I want to keep the door open for an extended period without burning out the bulbs) Too much time on my hands??? lol

The wife will have a hand held remote in the house to operate each light individually:
GREEN: means it is ok with her if I get a Pontiac out and stay gone all day exploring new roads.
AMBER: will mean if I leave, I best not even think about supper that night.
RED: will mean cut that damned car off and get working on that "honey-do" list right this minute!

I'm not telling the wife about Option 2.

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