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The V.W.” Album
Description: This is a 1998 V.W. GTI VR6. This was a fun little car to drive. I bought it for my niece, who after I bought it decided she didn't want to learn how to drive a stick shift. I want to tell you this little baby ran. I was not aware the a six cylinder was available in Rabbit until I bought this. I ran it back a forth to work for about a year. I really became jaded by the power. It would go over a 100 m.p.h. effortlessly. In retrospect it's a good thing the niece passed on the car. Her boy friend wanted her to take it, but I'm sure he just wanted to run the daylights out of it. Oh well it was fun while I had it I ended up selling on ebay. The new owner loves the car, he even wrote me to tell me that. It was a great little car.
By: 66hardtop
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Updated: Tue Sep 8, 2009 8:12 pm
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