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Description: These are some pictures that I've gotten off of the internet and have taken myself. They cover the period from 1962 (The first Cat was a baseline off of the Invicta) to the last models made in 1970.
I've included those Cats that are museum pieces, those that are being (or have been) lovingly restored, as well as those that are sitting in a junkyard somewhere.

A Little History of the Wildcat:

The Wildcat name on a production vehicle got its origin from the "Wildcat" engine Buick was producing since the early 1960's. The Wildcat engine came in a few different variations, but the most popular engine was the Wildcat 445, a 401 cid engine that put out 445 ft-lbs. of torque.
With the Wildcat, the model would use the Electra's larger engine on the LeSabre's smaller chassis, making it the "sleeper" musclecar of Buick's full-sized line. The Wildcat would get a 430 cid engine with the '67 model, and a full-blown 455 engine in 1970. The increased weight and emissions equipment would hurt the Wildcat's performance. In 1971, the 2-1/2 ton full sized models appeared.
From the early days, Buicks would feature "portholes" (aka "ventiports") on the fenders, the bigger, faster and more luxurious Buicks getting four portholes, and the more economical models three portholes. As the models evolved, the LeSabre would get three ventiports, where the Electra would get four. With 1964, the Wildcat dropped the ventiports in favor of single larger sporty "vent" chrome below the door molding...a feature that would prevail until the final 1970 Wildcats.
The rarest Wildcat is a 1966 model that featured dual 4-bbl carburetors, which also debuted the "GS" (Gran Sport) moniker on a Buick. Only a handful are known to exist. A fully-functional 1985 concept Wildcat was shown on the auto show circuit, but never resulted in a production model.

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