1966 Batmobile TV Show Compilation - shows more than 20 car features
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1966 Batmobile - a 9-minute TV show compilation shows more than 20 of the car's features.

Atomic Batteries
Turbine Power
Mobile tracking scope
Emergency Bat-turn Lever (releases parachute that enables quick turns)
TV Camera-Bat-O-Meter
Bat Beam
Bat-ray (capable of many tasks, such as remotely opening quarry's vehicle doors)
Remote Control Activator (car operates without driver)
Safety Bat Belts
Mobile Batcomputer (in trunk)
Anti-theft switch
Bat-tering Ram (also known as the Bat-ram, used for knocking down reinforced doors)
Bat-photoscope (works in conjunction with the Microfilm Crime File in the Batcave.Through this device a photo from the crime file can be reproduced remotely in the Batmobile.)
Bat Smoke Screen
Superpower Afterburner
Bat Geiger counter
Remote Bat Computer Switch
Voice Control Batmobile Relay Unit
Automatic fire extinguisher
Injector seat
Bat Armor
Tire Repair Device
Remote Batmobile Phase Advancer

other features-
Police band cut-in switch

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