Infamous Autos-2

December 4th, 2010 by canadianpontiacguy


In June of 1994, a series of events occurred that we soon grew to know with familiarity akin to events that befell our own friends and families. Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman were stabbed outside Brown’s apartment in Los Angeles. With Brown’s ex-husband OJ Simpson emerging as the lead suspect, the LAPD called for his arrest. In one of the most bizarre car chases ever televised, the police tailed Simpson’s white Ford Bronco driven by his friend Al Cowlings at a whopping 35 miles per hour.

This single event led to months of legal proceedings, with witnesses emerging from the woodwork to sell their stories for impressive sums to disreputable tabloid publications or cheesy television talk shows. Throughout the course of the trial, it seemed the public had an insatiable appetite for information and live coverage of the case.

After the infamous O.J. Simpson car chase was broadcast on live television in 1994, the white Ford Bronco that carried Simpson took on an identity of its own. The Bronco precipitated an entire new genre of police chase,” Kendall says. Cowlings reportedly unloaded the Bronco at a private sale for $75,000, but not before being involved in more controversy. He was sued in late 1994 for reneging on a contract to sell the car to celebrity memorabilia company Startifacts.


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  1. ConceptOne says:

    I remember watching this on TV like it was yesterday. Sad what has happened to OJ, but the memory of this Bronco will live on forever!

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  2. FreedomRims says:

    People can quickly idolize cars. Making the 6 o’clock news certainly helps add to the “interest” level of such cars.

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