Kugel Thru The Firewall Brake and Clutch Assembly

March 1st, 2013 by Motortopia



Kugel Komponents offers a high quality thru the firewall brake and clutch assembly for the avid enthusiast. These assemblies have been built by Kugel since 1996. Available in both power and manual brake configurations with or without master cylinder or clutch. The assembly is compact allowing for ease of installation in tight spots. Assembly mounts to firewall inside your vehicle and above the floor thus removing worries about exhaust and ground clearance issues. Assembly shown features power brake and clutch with 1” bore cast iron master cylinder, clutch master cylinder and 8” dual booster. All master cylinders are available as standard fill or remote fill. Also offered are slotted brake and clutch pedals and a variety of pedal pads. Kugel also makes independent front and rear suspension systems. Check out the company website for other components and options they have to offer. In business since 1969, Kugel Komponents

has the experience and know how to supply your suspension needs.


Contact: Kugel Komponents  (562) 691-7006   www.kugelkomponents.com



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