The Reeves Sexto-Octo Automobiles

September 1st, 2010 by canadianpontiacguy

The Reeves Sexto-Octo Co.
Columbus, IN

Milton O. Reeves of the Reeves Pulley Company designed many  automobiles in Columbus, IN in the late 1800s and early 1900s

Reeves never attained fame with any of the creations, and began experimenting on his own with multi-wheeled cars. In 1911 he modified an Overland 4 door passenger car by adding an extra axle at both ends. The 1911 Reeves OctoAuto was a cumbersome eight wheeled American automobile, with rear drive on the forward rear wheels, while the steering was accomplished by both front pair of wheels.
Priced at $3200.00 the 1911 OctoAuto attracted a lot of attention, but no sales, because it was too cumbersome. It wasn’t for lack of effort on Milton Reeves part as he drove the OctoAuto everywhere including new Automobile Shows and even to the Indianapolis 500.
 In 1912 he removed one of the front axles from the OctoAuto and renamed this car the SextoAuto. He then built a second SextoAuto based on the popular Stutz. $4,500.00 was the asking price of the Stutz SextoAuto car. However, only one was ever made.


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