Cool Ride of the Week (Apr 12, 2012)

April 11th, 2012 by JerryandMary

It was recently pointed out to me that I have never used one of my own rides as the Cool Ride of the Week. I simply did not want to take advantage. Finally, after all these years, here is one of my rides. Presenting JerryandMary’s 1969 jeep cj5 (Peanut’s ride!) chosen as the Cool Ride of the Week for Apr 12, 2012. You can view this very cool ride and JerryandMary’s garage here.

Take care,


14 Responses to “Cool Ride of the Week (Apr 12, 2012)”

  1. 1971 says:


  2. Shaker says:

    Nice Jeep JerryandMary! If your struggling with finding cool rides of the week… there are alot of nice TA’s in our BR group that have never won the Cool Ride of the Week. Check ‘em out!

    I have always wanted one of those Jeep Wranglers but never could find a way to get one…


  3. Do yall go muddin’ in it? I love the old jeeps! I’ve been trying to keep my eye out for a willie’s army jeep…

  4. JerryandMary says:

    Honestly we do not go in the mud. We mostly use our jeep for going to old ruins (of homes, and cabins) and using our metal detector there.


  5. BugeyeRX says:

    I don’t know anyone that don’t luv the Jeeps. Nice!

  6. CorvairJim says:

    Well Jerry, it’s about time you recognized that you have “Cool Rides” too! Peanut must be proud too… :dog:

  7. JerryandMary says:

    Hi Jim

    Hope all is well with you!


  8. scc24540 says:

    amazing jeep, you two know how to have the best rides ever

  9. Maxicoop says:

    Great looking ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is a pretty cool Jeep, but 5 months! Come on! I’m sure there are a LOT more cool rides waiting to be shown off!

  11. JerryandMary says:

    Hi Thanks, you are right there are some very cool rides on MT. I cannot get into the area where the changes take place. Not sure what to do about it.


  12. outlaw_fan says:

    why doesnt CROTW change anymore?

  13. JerryandMary says:

    The people currently in charge have not contacted me and I cannot make the change without their help.


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