Cool Ride of the Week (Sept 29, 2011)

September 29th, 2011 by JerryandMary

Still had to pass up some very cool rides, most due to photo problems. We did manage to find ten cool rides to choose from. This is the ride we chose from the ten. Congratulations Only1Me4Ever on having your 1990 Pontiac Firebird (“Shadow”) chosen as the Cool Ride of the Week for Sept 29, 2011. You can view this very cool ride and Only1Me4Ever’s garage here.

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5 Responses to “Cool Ride of the Week (Sept 29, 2011)”

  1. Only1Me4Ever says:

    Wow! I was very surprised when I seen this! Thanks so much! I’m glad to see my money and hard works is finally paying off(=!

  2. CorvairJim says:

    This car has a great look with it’s sinister black paint, NASCAR-style wheels and white letter tires. Not too shabby for starting out with a $500 investment, especially considering the car has less than 60K on the clock!

  3. Gypsy says:

    This is one fine looking Firebird! I may be partial to red on them, but if mine were any other color, black would be just fine with me! The wheels look great on it too.

  4. BlackGold82 says:

    Nice lookin 3rd GEN

    Way to keep the third gens alive

    From 1 third gen to another…. ..Spread thoose wings, and Glide with the wind.

  5. Only1Me4Ever says:

    Thanks for all the comments and support guys(: It is really appreciated!

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