“Hell’s TA” Artist Will Paint Your Car

April 28th, 2011 by corsa

This is pretty cool: some of you may have seen the wicked flame job on the “Hell’s TA” Trans Am featured at SEMA this past year. This car was done by Restore-A-Muscle-Car here in Lincoln, with the flames done by artist Mike Lavallee from Killer Paint.

Well, Mike is back in town to work on another client’s car, and while he is here he’s available to do some “local jobs” for anyone interested. So, if you’re in the Lincoln area between April 30th and May 4th, and want some awesome paint work on your car, hit up RAMC at 402-465-5756.


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  1. THDRAGON says:

    Love the paint job…simple yet very detailed and hitting all the right spots to have it pop…very tastfully done. Thanks for sharing and congratulations!!!

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