Motortopia’s New Years Resolutions

January 7th, 2009 by

The Motortopia founders’ vision has always been to create the best online community for motorsport enthusiasts. Everything we’ve built has been with the communities input and satisfaction in mind, which is why we have made some New Years Resolutions to our members.

Motortopia’s New Years Resolutions:

1. We are committed to continually improving the quality of the content found on Motortopia.

2. We believe our community is only as strong as our members, we promise we will be making a concerted effort to expand the number of people using Motortopia.

3. We will continue to expand the usage and functionality of our Free Online Event Registration Tools. Stay tuned for new features and exciting announcements about our free registration tools in the near future. We are committed to making handling event registrations the easiest aspect of organizing an event.

4. We will strive to provide more ways to help you easily promote your events and make them a huge success.

5. We will continue to make service a high priority. We value your input and want every user, club, and event organizer to use Motortopia to it’s fullest potential. When implementing something new, like our Free Online Event Registration Tools, we expect you to have questions and want some help. We have a great team that is always available to answer questions and help, and with our free registration tools–we can even set it all up for you.

Thank you for being a part of our community and we hope you have a great 2009!


The Motortopia Crew

P.S. Don’t forget we host live demos of our Free Online Event Registration Tools every Thursday at 7:30 PM (CST). Contact me to sign up, schedule a time that works for you, or request more information. Michael Schaecher – – (402)403-0521


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