Announcing the Winners of the Flowmaster July Challenge Giveaway

August 5th, 2010 by Motortopia

The dust has settled, and two Motortopians have walked away as winners in the Flowmaster July Challenge Giveaway!

CorvairJim won the most challenges in July by a pretty wide margin with 84 wins, but the fight for second place was much closer. In the end, 87IROCCAMARO took second place with 39 wins. Each of them will receive a pair of mufflers from Flowmaster.

And there is good news for everyone else: Flowmaster is sponsoring the August Challenge Giveaway too, with a pair of mufflers going to the top two challenge winners. Remember, even though CorvairJim and 87IROCCAMARO can participate in challenges in August, they are not eligible to win a prize again for three months, so we will have a brand new batch of winners each month! Click here to start challenging now.

Finally, a big “thank you” to everyone who participated in and/or voted for challenges in July. And a special “thank you” to Flowmaster for making the giveaway possible.

Good luck in August!


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  1. Congratulations CorvairJim and 87IROCCAMARO!
    Hope those mufflers make your vehicle turn heads when you drive by!

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