March Bully Dog Challenge Winners Announced!

April 6th, 2011 by Motortopia

Thanks to everyone who participated in the March Bully Dog Challenge Giveaway. It was a close battle between the top three finishers, but in the end it was CorvairJim pulling out the victory. CorvairJim will receive a GT Tuner courtesy of Bully Dog.

Coming in second place was Thundercat, followed by typhoonsierra99 in third. They will each receive a WatchDog Gauge courtesy of Bully Dog.

For our April Challenge Giveaway, Flowmaster is back. The April winners will receive a set of mufflers from Flowmaster. And remember, challenge winners can’t win again for three months, so there will be all-new winners for April. So start challenging!


3 Responses to “March Bully Dog Challenge Winners Announced!”

  1. CorvairJim says:

    (Tap… tap… tap… Is this thing on? Good… ) Well now, this is really an honor, considering all of the great cars/trucks/bikes and, yes, models on this great website. Many thanks to Motortopia for hosting the contest, Bully Dog for providing the awards, and especially to my fellow Motortopians for sending me challenges and accepting the ones I sent out to them.

    My friend list has grown by 8-10 people over the course of the one month as a result of conversations generated by the challenges I issued and the contest itself. People have been asking me my “Secret of winning challenges” It’s no secret: 1) Be friendly with the people you challenge so that they’re more likely to accept your challenges. 2) Keep the challenges you send out fair! There’s nothing I like to see less in the game than a car that’s been challenged by something completely out of it’s league! While I just dont vote in these unfair challenges, there IS a group on here that intentionally anti-votes guys who send out challenges like this. 3) Accept every challenge that comes your way – within reason! For instance, I never accept challenges from “Real” cars with my models. Some guys do, but not me. While I wouldnt challenge, say, a full-on Funny Car with my old AMC Pacer, I’d probably accept it just for a laugh… and the votes from the group I mentioned above, and some of the comments a challenge like that would be sure to generate! 4) Never accept a challenge you aren’t prepared to lose. Remember, IT’S JUST A GAME! I play it to have fun. OK, I enjoy winning as much as the next guy, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over losing a challenge on here. (This pointer isn’t so much about winning challenges as it is just keeping things in perspective.)

    So once again my thanks to everyone involved in the challenge contest in any way, and the best of luck to my fellow Motortopians in April’s Flowmaster Challenge! I won’t be sending out any challenges this month to allow others to see their names on the leader’s list, but I’ll still be accepting challenges from folks who specifically say that they want me to take them right away.


  2. Justa6 says:

    Great advice, I know. LOL Is the challenger on one side or the other so you know who challenged? Never thought about that.

  3. corsa says:

    Yep, the challenger is always on the left.

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