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Important Car Links To Save

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

There are commercials on television right now that make fun of the overload of information available on the Internet; it’s so true that most of that “information” is less than valuable. More often than not, the first few search results you get back on any subject lead you to fluff and not quality information.

That said, here are some important and very useful automotive links that you or someone you know will be able to use. – this site shows the fuel economy of cars, side by side; a feature article now lists the 2011 most efficient vehicles – The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association Action Network works with local and state legislators to promote the automotive hobby. At this part of their site, they have gathered the information you need by state to buy, sell, title or register a specialty car, including antiques, classics and muscle cars. Very convenient, go try to find this information on your state’s division of motor vehicles site and you’ll understand. – The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety provides specific crash test data for every make and model tested. This site has much other interesting and useful highway safety information and news.

Similar is which lists vehicles with a 5 star safety rankings based on crash test results, a roll-up of the more specific information found at the IIHS site. Also included is information on child safety seats and other safety-related pre-purchase decision information. – Provide comprehensive information on auto defects, ongoing legislation, lemon laws for each state, information for consumers who have auto safety, defect or manufacturing issues. – Just like the name says, this site lists automobile recalls by year starting with the year 1965 to present. Consumer Reports rates all types of products throughout the year; right now they are featuring their best cars for 2011 based on their criteria. Good info but it’s always good to use more than one source for making a car purchase decision.

Hope these links are helpful and will lead you directly to information you need.