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Celebrating 100 Years of Chevrolet

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Just a few short years ago, it wasn’t certain that General Motors or Chevrolet would be around to celebrate their centennial. Luckily for all of us (in so many ways!), this is the year that Chevrolet is celebrating one hundred years of production.

There are many activities surrounding this anniversary; for example, local GM dealerships are having parties or open houses, and NASCAR and other racing venues are advertising and celebrating with special events and paint schemes on their sponsored race cars.

One fun way that GM is celebrating is the online contest to select the best Chevy ever made. They have created a dedicated website you can visit to look at selected Chevrolets from the past century and vote on your choices for best Chevy overall. The contest is being done in elimination rounds and the second round starts on August 16th.

It’s hard to narrow down the choices to a select few from so many years of design and technology. A few of the losers in the first round are arguably still winners. The 1932 Deluxe Roadster, the 2010 Camaro and the ’64 Malibu are out. So are the 1969 K Blazer and the 2011 Volt. Did you know that Chevrolet made a convertible Blazer in ’69? A brief overview of the cars that were voted out remains on the site so you can find some interesting information about models you may not know.

Left in the running are some time-tested favorites from many decades. The 1950s selections include the 1953 Corvette and the 1957 Bel Air. A 1960 Corvette Stingray and the 1969 Camaro are still in the contest. The only 70s era choice is the 1970 Chevelle SS.

Take a look at the contest to see if your favorite is still in the running. Which do you think will be voted in as best Chevy from the last 100 years? I’m torn between the ’57 Bel Air and the ’69 Camaro. But then again, a ‘60 Stingray is always a winner….Is there a Chevrolet missing from the contest that you would have included? How could they leave out the Monte Carlo? And no station wagons?

Regardless of the outcome of this contest, it is a good thing that the General is still around and our beloved bow-ties aren’t joining the growing ranks of orphan cars. Here’s to another 100 years!