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Mad Men & Their Cars

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

This 1957 Ford Country Squire resembles Betty Draper's car, though hers is a cheery yellow and sans wood paneling. Photo: Josephew, Wikimedia Commons

Motortopia asks “WWDDD?” What Will Don Draper Drive?

I can’t wait for this weekend’s premiere of Mad Men: Season 4. And it’s not just because I’m drawn to the days when guzzling scotches at work wasn’t a career-limiting move.

The show’s just great for classic car watching. When we finally get to see what Don Draper’s up to this Sunday night, it will be 1964 and he’ll be newly divorced. The biggest question is: Will Don still own his 1962 Cadillac Coupe de Ville?

I’ll be looking at the Mad Men’s cars for clues to their characters, and I’m hoping there are other Motortopians out there who can help me spot and identify their rides as SterlingCoop careens deeper into the swinging 60s.

Will the cars on the set change this season? As we await Season 4, let’s relive a few of Mad Men’s most illuminating auto-moments.

The Car:  1957 Ford Country Station Wagon … (more…)