1936 International 1/2 ton (Montana ll)

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The history of the truck is already on my original listing but it has now been significantly revised from a flat bed to a proper stepside although not an original 36 box. The transformation is radical enough that even people who knew the truck thought it was a different one altogether!
I left the interior and trim just the way it was done back in the late 60’s and tried to maintain as much of the original build as I could.
Crank out windshield, working cowl vent, wood framed doors, original glass, CB and exhaust stacks are still the defining characteristics of this truck.


Essentially a rock solid truck when I bought it a few years ago considering its was built way back in the late 60’s. Since then I decided a fresh clean up of the paint was needed looking at over 40 years of chips etc. I changed the colour slightly to a brighter shade of yellow, changed out the powerglide and 283 and most recently installed a 56 F100 box and fenders on it.
It was unusual with the flat bed but just too may comments like”nice fruit/vegetable truck”, put a sofa up on that and it could be the Beverly Hillbillies truck etc. I have to admit it just looked big and felt big with the platform and fencing around the rear. It also was just not that practical either for carrying items since they would just roll around.
I found a great 1956 Ford box and adapted it to the existing frame. Not an easy task considering the frame is a 1961 Ford passenger car frame with a kick up at the rear for the coils. This meant modifications to the box floor and mounts to get a balanced look to it. The fenders on the 56 have a great “fat” look and will hold a lot of wheel in them.
It is still nicely balanced and to many observers they think the truck was built this way.

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