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Nov 24, 2011 at 8:01 am
beautiful car ! welcome .

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1940 Buick Super Eight 5 Window Coupe (Bessie)

Last updated Nov 24, 2011  

Photo of a 1940 Buick Super Eight 5 Window Coupe (Bessie)


My Baby....Two Tons of Detroit Steel !!

Since there were NO FREEWAYS IN EXISTENCE in 1940, and many roads were still unpaved, these cars only needed to have a top speed of about 60mph...

And since they were rolling on skinny tube-type tires, with drum brakes, no seat belts and oh yeah, STEEL DASHBOARD. 60mph back then was very fast indeed.

These cars are insanely heavy and usually have less than 100hp, But she steals the attention from faster and pricier cars everywhere she goes.

Factory Options

Buick had 4 Coupe models for 1940:

40 Series "Special" ( Small Body Style, 248 Engine)
50 Series "Super" ( Large Body Style, 248 Engine)
60 Series "Century" ( Small Body Style, 320 Engine)
70 Series "Roadmaster" ( Large Body Style, 320 Engine)

The junior series cars "Special" and "Century" had running boards and optional Dual Side Mounts, which are classics now, but were becoming unfashionable by 1940. The quarter windows and the rear deck are smaller like the Chevy and Pontiac. In my opinion, they looked like sawed-off Cadillacs.

The Senior series cars "Super" and "Roadmaster" had the larger "Torpedo" body style and a long, elegant rear deck. Since the running boards were gone, shoulder and hip room in these models were several inches wider and had a 122" wheelbase.

I think it's interesting that the "Century" was the smaller Special body with the bigger Roadmaster engine (and got it's name for being the first production car that could achieve and maintain 100mph) insane speed for the roads of the day.


Artillery Wheels.

...But unless I can find a way to use them with the original hubcaps, they are coming off.

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