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Apr 6, 2012 at 9:59 am
Just wondering what your top end is in your car? I feel confortable at about 55 or 60 but it staining after that. My engine is completely rebuilt and I had the engine head shaved about .060" and notice a nice difference in power. Jon
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Apr 6, 2012 at 9:56 am
Just got on this site and thought I would say hi to fellow 42 Dodge four sedan! HI! I have put up on this board a picture of mine and as you can see its a Blackout. If you need or want any info on the 42 Dodge I have all kinds of pictures and information that I can e-mail you. Jon
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Sep 13, 2010 at 9:51 pm
That's one nice dodge!

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1942 Dodge Deluxe Sedan (Pearl)

Last updated Jun 9, 2016  

Photo of a 1942 Dodge Deluxe Sedan (Pearl)


1942 DODGE

This 1942 Dodge Deluxe was purchased in late October of 1997. The car had been stored since 1965 in a garage located in Ithica, Nebraska. Unfortunately, a plastic tarp used to protect the car actually caused the paint to begin pealing. After completely rebuilding the brake system, replacing the gas tank, rebuilding the carburetor, changing the fluids and performing a general clean-up, this car was successfully restarted and back on the road in August of 1998. An on frame restoration was begun in 1999 and the car was back on the road in 2001. The engine was rebuilt in 2008.

The 1942 Dodge is somewhat rare due to the fact that production American cars was halted in January of 1942. Automobile manufacturer’s switched their production over to war time efforts, as the United States entered World War II. Dodge sales were ceased on February 21, 1942. Only 13,343 four door Deluxe Sedans were manufactured in 1942, compared to the 49,579 produced the year prior. A total of 68,522 1942 Dodge Cars were produced in the United States compared to the 236,999 produced in 1941. It is believed that this cars first owner was the United States Government. The Dodge Deluxe Base price was $998.00 but with many options (Fluid Drive, radio, heater, clock, cigar lighter, antenna, sun visor, turn signals and seat covers), it probably sold for a couple hundred dollars more. The seat covers were removed during the initial clean-up and the original seats were found to be in excellent condition as you can see.. Of interest, Dodge slogan was “The New Dodge” even back in 1942.

4 years later, Dodge reintroduced their cars to the public in March of 46 with the new 1946 models, after the war was over.


230 CU. IN L-Head 6 Cylinder
Single Barrel Down-Draft Carburetor
105 HP
Automatic-Electric Choke
3 Speed Fluid Drive Transmission
Hydraulic Brakes
Independent Front Suspension
Leaf Spring Rear Suspension
Hydraulic, Telescopic Double Action Shocks
Vacuum Windshield Wipers
Color: Bombardier Blue
Interior: Pile Fabric
Vehicle Weight: 3,195lbs.
Production: 13,343 (4 door Deluxe)
Model Number: D-22
0-60: Possible

Factory Options

8 Tube Radio
Electric Clock
Directional Signals
Front Bumper & Guards
Wheel Discs
Rear Bumper & Guards
Sun Visor
Oil Filter
Fluid Drive
Cigar Lighter


The car is unique on its own due to the short production. I accessorize with items and information of the Homefront efforts such as Rationing books, stickers, stamps, tokens and valentine card, a 48 star flag, Newspapers announcing the bombing of Pearl Harbor and more.