Photo of a 1948 Flxible Clipper Thirty foot motorhome (Kosher Polka Dill Pickle)

Kosher Polka Dill Pickle

1948 Flxible Clipper Thirty foot motorhome


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Description: We call her the Kosher Polka Dill Pickle, and she is a 1948 Flxible Clipper bus which was originally purchased by a Polka band as a tour motorhome. The Flxible company had to drop the "e" from their name, as the word "flexible" was determined by the court to be too generic a word to obtain patent protection on, so the Flxible name without the "e" became famous almost by accident!
The Flxible company began a a manufacturer of motorcycle sidecars, and later made hearses, ambulances, and small bus type vehicles, before branching out to become one of America's iconoclastic bus manufacturers, and the Flxible Clipper was way ahead of its time, with quad lighting a full decade before the passenger cars incorporated them, and streamlined styling at a very early age. This was the bus to buy back in the day, and these models were often driven millions of miles in regular service.
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Front 3/4 view/quad lights in 1948!!!
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rear 3/4 view. Great bulbous rounded butt!
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How would you like to see this bearing down on you in the rear view...
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what a profile!
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Album photo 4
All set to go camping?
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