1949 GMC Truck 100 (GMC)

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I found this truck on ebay and bought it. The guy that owned it bought some land that had a chicken house on it the chicken house was full of old tools and farm equipment and my truck. He did not want the truck or did he know any thing about it other than what the person that he bought the land from had told him. The truck had ben parked in the late 70s when the farmer bought a new truck and there it sat. We had to cut part of the chicken house out to get the truck out of its resting place. For the truck to have been parked so long we were suprised that the tires held air and the breaks were not locked up. The body is ruff but not as bad as some I have seen. We have big plans for this truck we are going to rebuild the motor freshen up the running gear and put a nice paint job on it. I think I got a good deal for $500.I sold this truck for a CJ5 hate to have seenit go but i think it was for the best. I had alot of time and money in this truck but it was time for it to go. Hopefully the new owner will enjoy it as much as i did!


This baby has a 76 horsepower monster straight 6 and a three on the tree.

Factory Options

This truck came with heat role up windows,no radio,no carpet no power any thing and a wooden bed.


Removed rat poo and preasure washed. I ran all new brake lines replaced the master cylinder and put all new brakes and drums all the way around. I also put new plugs, plug wires and a new distributer cap.


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