1959 Ford F-100 StepSide (RGs Legacy)

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This Is whats left of my family’s Great Classics…This truck used to belong to one of my 2 Uncles that passed away in 1974..Its been in the Family at least when I 10 years of Age…We used to climb in the back of this old die hard whenever my Uncle went anywhere in it.
Well he took his life in November 1974…my Grandma hung on to it for awhile til she started getting ill from old age..Then went to my Mom..til She decided to give it to my Brother?
Well in between all the Shuffle that the Ownership went thru I tried like hell get my hands on it…Reason is I made my own memories in the damn thing…lol
In High School I’d always take it out without asking, and go Cruising..LOL…Needless to say it gave a new meaning to “Cruisin for a Bruisin”…lol I know I learned how to drive a manual tranny on this thing with the Column Shift? …Long Story made Short…My brother finally gave in and sent me the title last October!!!
Now All I have to do Is figure out how to get it from New Mexico to Texas and I will be Set!!!!!
This Truck Is Still in Great Shape to Save…Photo is at least 20 years Old
Been Repainted since to ward away Rust…Sad thing it hasnt been started in at least 10-15 years when it was painted…has Tires and wheels on it now that go to it? So it needs Work…its a Cool Truck!!


None Available to list

Factory Options

Ford 292 V-8
3 Speed On The Tree
Chrome Front Grill
Original Glass
Wood Bed…Under a Metal Plate of Steel in Bed


No Mods done as of Yet
Has had a Repaint since Photo

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