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1959 Plymouth Savoy SS (Christine)

Last updated Jun 6, 2009  

Photo of a 1959 Plymouth Savoy SS (Christine)


I will bring you the history of Christine, I know that she is different to the movie car which is another year and model.

Thank you, your questions are welcome. Best Regards,


1959 Plymouth Savoy
46,000 miles -Un-restored

Hello, my name is Christine. I was delivered to the Northern California Mountains in 1959.
My first owner was a bit tight, so my optional equipment was limited to an eight cyl. engine with overdrive, heater, clock and full shell covers. Thought he did not adorn me with options, he always did take especially good care of me.
After my first owner died in 1962, the Mrs. tried to learn to drive. My lack of power steering and brakes coupled with my standard transmission proved to be overwhelming . Before long she gave up and locked me away in the garage, but not until after the little mishap which dented my right fender (Bless her heart!!!).
It was not too bad; only my fender had to be repainted. I am thrilled to say that this was the only time I have ever required any bodywork -I am still just as I was the day I rolled off the line. The Lady kept me locked away until she died in the early 1990’s, when I was sold to a collector near Lake Tahoe.
My second owner was wonderful to me; In steps Mr. A. visiting Lake Tahoe for a wooden boat extravaganza, he falls in love with me. He did all the necessary mechanical items to bring me back to life after 30 years of storage. We spend a weekend together and he decided to drive me home to Atlanta, nearly 3,000 miles away. I had only gone 35,000 miles in 40 years, and he wants me to go 3,000 in a week!! The man must be crazy!!! He had me checked out and outfitted with new tires. Wow, whitewalls for the first time in my life!!! This may not be so bad.
However, he truly loved cars of the 20’s. I was his baby for several years until a Model A came along on 1997 and I was jilted.
I have lived a sheltered life, I do not know about these long distances, I am 50 years old, and I am having second thoughts. I did have a grate trip east with my new owner and life is wonderful again. I now travel and go to car shows. I even take him around the neighborhood occasionally. I enjoy making people smile!!! This sure beats life in a garage. Ahh... of course, my new owner loves me too!.